Mark Wahlberg's Best Films Of His Career

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While he may not be the best actor in the bunch, Mark Wahlberg has certainly been his fair share of great movies. Wahlberg is one of the few actors who is very well liked by both female and male audiences alike, and as a result, his movies tend to do very well at the box office. Over the years, he has definitely had some hits.

This article will discuss what I consider to be the best films of Mark Wahlberg's career.

While The Basketball Diaries was won of his first films, it still remains one of my favorites. It may be hard to believe that a young Leonardo DiCaprio was a great basketball player, as depicted in this film, but Wahlberg was a perfect fit for his role.

Another fantastic movie that stars Mark Wahlberg is Fear. I really liked him in this movie because it is a departure from the roles that we have come to love him for. He plays a seriously bad dude in this movie and is very convincing with it.

It goes without saying that any list of films starring Wahlberg has to include The Departed. If you are going to combine an all star cast of Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Vera Farmiga and the great Jack Nicholson with a director like Martin Scorsese, the result is going to be awesome.

The Perfect Storm is another movie that I feel is worthy of mentioning as one of his best. This movie tells the lifestyle of fisherman from the town of Gloucester, Massachusetts. I am not sure if it's based on a true story, but it easily could be.

Boogie Nights is another other movie that makes the list for me. Dirk Diggler has become an iconic character, and with good reason. This film is much more than a story about an adult film star.

Hopefully there are one or more films from Mark Wahlberg on this list which you have not yet seen.

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