A Revolution in Terms of Special Effects – The Empire Strikes Back

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The Empire Strikes Back is the fifth installation in George Lucas's futuristic and multi-billion dollar science fiction fantasy saga, the Star Wars that combined a brilliant screenplay with great acting and over the top use of special effects and pyrotechnics in order to create one of the true masterpieces of Hollywood till date. It is one of the best Hollywood movies to be created till date and according to recent market reports and statistical data analysis, one of the Top 20 greatest movies of all time and rankings 12th in terms of the economies that were bought in by the movie.

The effects that were used in the movie were more refined than the original Star Wars movie and much more realistic also. With the use of pyrotechnics starting to gain momentum, there were panty of shots and sequences in the movie that were completely based on it and structured so that they could be highlighted. The Empire Strikes Back also used the traveling matte technique in order to make the hovering spaceships and the daring stunts look very realistic and in terms of cost, it was made at a staggering budget of $ 18 million, most of which went to the pyrotechnics and special effects team.

The cinematographer in the film was Peter Suschitzky of BSC, and in his lenses, the saga of the space warfare was captured brilliantly. But the special effects cinematographer who was responsible for making the movie the huge success that it was in terms of the use of technology in its youth was Richard Edlund, who won an Oscar for his brilliant work with special effects in this movie. The Empire Strikes Back was a cultural phenomenon as it paved the way for many new directors and production homes from Hollywood to the use of special effects in order to create an illusion and turn their dreams into reality through celluloid.

Many new films and directors drew inspiration from the movies of the Star Wars saga, and the use of special effects in these six movies specifically shown the revolution in Hollywood in terms of using technology to create a brilliant as well as extraordinary piece of celluloid. With an increase in the use of special effects from its predecessors, The Empire Strikes Back has been an inspiration and learning curve for all the directors of special effects that are currently working in Hollywood.

Source by Kenya M. Cain

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