Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen Review (2009)

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My wife and I went to see this tonight, and what a letdown it was. It was a far cry from the original film. My wife actually left the theater with a headache after seeing this. I do not understand why some sequels get made. This was an obvious attempt to lure in all different target audiences. When we went to see this, about half the crowd were small children. And some of the subject matter like sexual references were not appropriate for children.

I think Hollywood (especially Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg) they dropped the ball on this film. This was nothing but an explosion fest for 2 hours runtime, with the rest of the movie trying to fill in some kind of storyline. The film was way too long in length. There was some eye candy on the screen with Megan Fox playing Mikaela Banes again. Most of her scenes required her to shake a tail feather all around the screen in slow motion, not that I did not mind. But she had to compete with newcomer Isabel Lucas as Alice. I'm sure the ladies also swooned over Shia LaBeouf from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) on screen. The actor John Turturro appears in this one as well and the previous film as Agent Simmons.

The movie was almost comical at times, from all of the melodramatic scenes that played out. I'm sure it was fun acting on the CGI studio sets for the actors. The animation team must have seen one too many Pixar movies, because a lot of the dialogue and interaction between the robots were childish at best. I appreciate explosions and action scenes in movies, but this was over the top nonsense largely. Here is a tip, most if not all audiences want a balance of each thing, a well written story with great players and when the time comes capture each scene with ease, not forced sequences. I can only pray another one of these will not get made, unfortunately numbers do not lie, and it will probably do well opening weekend.

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