Recipe For a Box Office Smash Hit

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It should be no surprise that positive publicity can help determine the success of a business venture. Yet in no industry is it more critical than in the film industry. Recent movies have proven that often times, the trailers for movies can determine their successes more than the quality of the films themselves, except in the cases of complete bombs. One group of films based on Frank Millers' novels has used trailers to amazing effect, drawing massive crowds. Hollywood better take note, or be left in the dust.

Take the recent release "Watchmen". Before the movie even was released, many were prepared to call it the greatest film ever, even people who had never read the comic books. Regardless of the content, it is apparent that the hype was due out of proportion to the film's true quality, as ratings for the film began to fall in the prior days, rather than rise. Nonetheless, the trailers served to bring crowds, which in turn helped "Watchmen" claim the top spot at the box office, which is sure to bring in more movie goers to see the popular film.

Another example is yet another Frank Miller based film "300", which soared at the box office and managed to gain an eye-popping number of people to the theater who may have been unfamiliar with Frank Miller. Sin City, still shown up as the trailer was so impressive in depicting the ferocity and amazing artwork of the war film. The film is remarkable for it's amazing box office earnings while lacking truly big name actors. watchers as well as learning it extremely positive mistakes from fans, helping increase the buzz.

Regardless, it may have well been quite possible that "300" could have gone relatively unnoticed at the box office had it not been for the amazing trailers. The "300" trailers had gotten millions of views on YouTube and other sites, and it's worth saying that is free advertising to millions of potential moviegoers. Without the great trailers, that would of never occurred.

Many great films had releases with only a small initial turnout or earnings. These cult classics failed to make any sort of splash. Donnie Darko being one great example that failed to make any significant earnings at the box office but went on to become broadly popular with steady DVD sales. Others went straight to DVD and never managed to get the type of box office earnings that they could have, such as "Equilibrium" and "The Boondock Saints". Overall, a flashy trailer can do far more for a film than even the reputation of a big name actor or a massive marketing budget can do, as the Frank Miller films have shown.

Source by Clarke Baldwin

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