How Do Films And Television Programs Affect Our Lives-Are They Beneficial Or Harmful?

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The first time I saw a martial arts film in a local cinema, I told myself that I wanted to be a great fighter like Bruce Lee. In my mind, I was already a hero just waiting for an opportunity to show off my fighting skills. In my obsession I enrolled in a local karate school to learn how to punch, kick and generally dispatch off another person with ease.

What I experienced in the school was totally different from what I imagined it to be.

In the first place, I learned that there is no heroism involved in fighting. Only fools fight among themselves. Furthermore they get broken hands and bruises all over the body for nothing. Learning karate is an arduous task. It is one that requires discipline and perseverance. After all the tough sessions in the ‘dojo’ a karate practitioner will have no desire to go out of his way to fight with anybody. He knows what the consequence can be, so he avoids a fight.

So in this aspect I would certainly say that films are harmful. They gave me a wrong idea of what martial arts is all about. It is with a bit of sadness when sometimes I see young kids showing off what little knowledge of fighting they have. I was lucky to have a good teacher who taught me the inner aspects of martial arts. I learned to be humble and gentle, far different from the arrogant film hero who could kill off hundred bad guys without batting an eyelid.

Violence on television and films also do a lot of harm on the viewers. In one film that I saw, it was nothing but a tale of murder after murder. People got killed all over place by all sorts of methods. Guns, knives, bombs and other types of killing tools were displayed unceasingly. It was like a feast where killing is the main activity. I actually felt sick and disoriented halfway through the show and had to leave to retain some semblance of sanity. How would the film affect these who sat through the whole show? I am sure their brains were filled with images of violence. I only hope they do not go out and imitate what they saw.

Not all these influences are harmful. It is when they are carried out to extremes that we lose touch with ourselves and so live in a fantasy world.

In real life, nobody can go on fighting with an axe embedded in his abdomen. Only film heroes can do that. Also we cannot hope to defeat fifty opponents without even raising a sweat. People get killed in real life car crashes. Only film heroes escape minor scratches. Reality has little to do with such shows.

Fortunately, not all films and television programs are harmful. Documentaries and educational programs are definitely beneficial. I learned many things about wildlife and people, their customs and traditions. In short these programs gave me a better perspective of the world that we live in, the dangers we face, our heritage and the responsibilities we have if we are to live in peace.

So it is up to you, the viewer, to decide what type of programs you want to watch. You can fill your brains with all sorts of muck about violence and killings or you can learn more about yourself and the world so that you can truly live like what nature intended you to.

Source by Charley Hwang

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