Current Broadway Shows and Tickets

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Do not think about what the critics say or write. Ignore for one moment, the costs of watching them. The whole point here is to catch any of the current Broadway shows any way you can. There are an entire multitude of world seen plays and musicals such as Neil Simon's version of John Waters' HAIRSPRAY, or classics like PHANTOM OF THE OPERA; LITTLE WOMEN; WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF ?; SHOW BOAT; LES MISERABLES. Take in the more playful MAMMA MIA. Re-visit your passions in your favorite operas by attending the LA BOHEME re-make, RENT. But make sure you get to see those current Broadway shows, by hook or by crook!

What of you are not in New York or are not planning to visit new York, and can not get to the current Broadway shows? Do not despair. First of all, these shows run for years (the better and best ones, anyway). Second of all, the best are so successful and their so generous and respectful of the theater arts world that the current Broadway shows get taken on the road – to Boston, Philly, San Francisco, and further.

What if you can not afford current Broadway shows, whether they stay in the Big Apple or travel to Siberia? Ah, there's still no excuse: there are a number of ways you, too, can be saved. Or, er, you can save money and still be blessed with the most alluring, engaging, and cathartic of the arts:

For students make sure to contact the theater box office, and ask for their student discount ticket prices. Most of these current Broadway shows' theaters, opera houses, and symphonic or any other concert halls would typically have student price and even student group price available.

For those senior citizen, you have the privilege of getting discounts for the most number of events, similar to that for buses and restaurants, etc. Make sure when you go ahead and order the tickets, that you ask about these senior discount prices.

If you can, go ahead and try for same-day or last-minute tickets. A ticket that is not called for at the reservation window by a certain time (often within a few minutes of the curtain call) is usually made available, AND at a highly discounted rate. Show up on the day of the performance for any of the current Broadway shows you want to attend. Go to the reserved tickets window and ask if there are any no-shows. Also, tell the teller you will check back (at his / her designated time), or ask when you can return to check for no-shows.

Standing to watch a show is a lot cheaper for obvious reasons. Here in San Francisco, if you take an SRO ticket (Standing-room only ticket), you pay one dollar and agree to stand in the very last aisle in the very back of the theater … at the very top of the outer space seats. But, for a dollar, you can even bring your own munchies and even your binoculars to the current Broadway shows, shift your feet on occasion, even lean, in some instances, and check out any one of dozens of award-winning, heart- endearing and rewarding current Broadway shows.

Source by Mike F. Prince

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