Becoming A Bollywood Actress

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Bollywood has become a great presence in the modern cinema industry. Known for its beautifully ornamented costumes, gorgeous leads, and fabulous dance numbers, Bollywood movies are the must see for anyone. But to break into acting in Bollywood can be just as laborious as getting work in Hollywood. With a few steps, an aspiring act can increase the chances of being discovered.

First, and most importantly, anyone looking for a career in India must speak Hindi. Major films are not interested in subtitles, so, if you have the right look, you stand a better chance of getting a role if you can speak the language.

Secondly, you want to make sure you have the right look. A fair, olive complexion is the most sought after. When going for an audition, watch some films first and match their look. Dark eyeliner, with some lash extenders, a touch of bronzer on the face, and an ornamented ensemble will draw attention to you and make you stand out in an otherwise bland crowd. Dress for the part you want, not for an everyday errand.

Last, make contacts. The old adage "It is not what you know, it is who you know" has even more to do with the film industry than any other. If you have family in the business, do not be afraid to utilize that relationship. They would if the positions were reversed. If you do not have the contacts yet, go where the contacts are and make them. Let nothing deter you from your goal.

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