The Secret, the Law of Attraction – A Movie Review

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Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, I wake up at the crack of dawn and meet 15 women to exercise. This boot camp has been tough but I have enjoyed meeting so many professional women who inspire me to keep going every morning.

One of my co-exercisers came to me one morning with a handful of DVDs. She handed them to me and said that they were a selection of her favorite movies and I should watch them if I had not already see them.

One movie was of special interest to me, The Secret. I knew that the book and movie were both available and that they summarized the law of attraction. This law of attraction was nothing new to me, but I thought I could use a different perspective. And, I was right!

The documentary was so insightful that I took notes to remind myself later of the things I need to do in my life to attract the situations, people, and things.

If you have the time to read the book or watch the movie, I highly recommend you do so. But, since you do not have the book or movie in front of you, take the next couple minutes and read my notes below. Digest them, think about them, and act on them.

There are three critical components to the law of attraction:

1. Ask: ask for what you want
2. Believe: they you will get it
3. Receive: what is given to you

On a daily basis, finish this sentence:
"I am so happy and grateful that …"

By filling in the blank you are radiating positive energy which will put you in a state of mind to attract.

Trust that what you ask for will happen. For example, think of the headlights on a car. You know that the address you are seeking is far down the road but the lights the car provides you for the next 200 feet will get you to where you're going step by step.

Create a list of gratitude. Mine is below for you to use as an example.

I am grateful for …
– healthy parents
– vision
– a warm, safe beautiful home
– a healthy dog
– a healthy body

By creating an attitude of gratitude you resonate the vibration to attract good things in your life.

Now visualize and dwell on the end result you seek.

An example they used in the movie was as follows: "Look at the details of your hands. Now close your eyes and envision your hands on the wheel of the car you want."

Now that's powerful!

The key to the law of attraction is not to worry about the HOW because that's the job of the universe. You must know the WHAT and feel the magical acceptance that you deserve it.

Create a vision board.
Cut out pictures of your goals and paste them on a board in your bedroom, office, or kitchen. Look at your board everyday and visualize yourself receiving the event into your life. Be grateful. Let it go.

Now choose a simple goal that you will receive in the next 30 days. Put the law of attraction to the test. The movie spoke about envisioning a lost friend, and within a short period of time you will see him or her. So this was my short term goal, and I did this last week after seeing the Secret.

I was in Chicago when my business luncheon was taken. I emailed a friend that I had not talked to in 5 years. It was 11.50am. I did not know if he still worked at the same place or even had the same email. I wrote, "I'm on the corner of Wacker and Franklin. If you're free for lunch, call me in the next 10 minutes. I have a train to catch at 1.30pm." And, we had lunch together that day. It was perfect and joyful example for me of how the law of attraction works.

After you grasp the simple goal, and trust that it will come to you, you can focus on much bigger goals. For these goals to come true, you must do some work.

Do you treat yourself with love so that other people can love you?

If you are having marital problems, the movie suggests that for the 30 days, write down the things you appreciate about another person.

Our body is in direct relationship to our thoughts. Speak to your body, thank you for my healing.

Disease can not live in a body that is in a healthy state.

Focus on joy not the illness.

Incurable just means curable from within

"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes."
– Gandhi

"I was once asked why I do not participate in anti-war demonstrations.
Mother Theresa

Energy goes where attention goes.

Everything has energy.

Put yourself in a state of joy. What brings you happiness?

Write the four things that come to mind. Here are mine:

1. Playing with my dog ​​Cody
2. Spending time with my family
3. Calling a friend
4. Practicing yoga

You deserve to be happy. No one can write your story – only you can.

Once you have attracted the simple goal to yourself, create three more goals that you would like to have in your life. Do this at the beginning of each month and you will set the stage for success.

Source by Kimberly Griffiths

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