Mel Gibson And His Best Movies

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Regardless of how we feel about the guy, Mel Gibson is one actor who has had his fair share of incredible movies. Whether those movies will have the same replay value remains to be seen. I have personally not tried to watch a Mel Gibson movie in quite some time. But regardless, up until recently, I would have to consider him to be one of my favorite actors.

But which of Mel’s films were his best? Here are my personal favorites.

Going back to 1979, one film that definitely should be included is Mad Max. This was one of the films that helped establish Mel Gibson as an acting force to be reckoned with, playing the iconic role of Mad Max Rockatansky.

Without question, Braveheart is my favorite film that Mel has starred in. Talk about a movie that cleaned up at the Academy Awards. Mel Gibson won Best Director for this film and it came as no surprise that it won the 1996 Academy Award for Best Picture of the Year.

What Women Want was a surprisingly enjoyable movie. This movie is pretty hilarious and in addition to Mel Gibson, stars Helen Hunt the always great Marissa Tomei. A very funny concept for a film.

One underrated film that starred Mel was Payback. This movie is about a man who is left to die after his best friend and wife betray him. Everything that happens after is awesome.

Finally, I will include We Were Soldiers on this list. Maybe I am just a sucker for Vietnam War movies, but I really enjoyed how this film told the story from both the American and Vietnamese soldiers perspective. If you like war films, this is worth seeing.

With a career spanning about thirty years, Mel Gibson did some serious damage in Hollywood. Then he did some serious damage to his career.

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