Iron Man the Movie

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Marvel comics are responsible for giving us some of the best super-hero movies. Whether it be the spider-man trilogy or Professor Xavier’s X-Men or the Fantastic Four, all of these characters have pleased the movie buffs. Now, we are treated with yet another unusual super-hero ‘The Iron Man’.

Feast your eyes on today’s Iron Man; in this 2008 release, the very talented Robert Downey Jr. stars as Tony Stark along with Gwyneth Paltrow as his personal assistant, Pepper Potts. James Rhodes, the character of the military liaison is enacted by Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges portrays Obadiah Stane who is a Stark industry executive.

The plot of the movie goes like this, Tony Stark is a billionaire industrialist and owns the multi million stark industries. On a business trip to Afghanistan, his military convoy is attacked and Robert Downey Jr finds himself wounded by one of his manufactured bombs. As a result, he becomes unconscious, when he regains consciousness, he finds that he has been kidnapped by terrorists and that a magnetized gizmo was attached to his heart. He learns that it is the only thing saving him from the shrapnel’s heading for his heart. His captors force him into building a missile for them; he pretends to do so but instead builds a mechanical alter ego and frees himself. He comes back into his old life a new man and starts his mission of destroying all the weapons that he was responsible for creating.

Director Jon Favreau initially thought of casting a newcomer as Tony Stark, but he chose Robert Downey Jr. because he believed that Robert would be able to bring a depth to this comic book character. As Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. is fast, frictionless and bought to the film a sense of humor that was absent in the comic version. The key factor to Downey’s success is that no matter whom he is addressing, he is really just blabbering to himself.

Jeff Bridges in his role of Obadiah Stane creates a portrait of stylish power. Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts plays Stark’s love interest and the chemistry between the two is innocent yet sexy in a way.

Jon Favreau as the director draws on humanistic gifts to make Iron Man very special. The effects sequences are brilliant, especially the scene where iron man zooms through the air like a toaster turned pinball; it is very innovative and cleverly picturized. Favreau’s direction is never repetitive and he gives us some amazing visuals with sky-zipping, metal crashing action scenes.

All in all this is one movie that is a must-watch for all marvel comics buffs; even if you are not one of them, I advise you to give it a shot. It is not like any other super-hero movie; Favreau’s direction has given it a very different touch.

Almost every actor has acted well, especially the protagonist. So go see Iron Man, you will not be disappointed as it is a good movie with a fantastic cast. Also, for all Iron Man fans there is another sequel in the makes, so expect another action packed, heart pounding visual treat to hit the theaters pretty soon.

Source by Jane Richardson

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