I Am Legend – Will Smith

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Will Smith has somehow re-invented himself again. I compare this movie to Cast Away with Tom Hanks were he spoke to a Wilson soccer ball for almost 2 hours. Somehow, he kept everyone entertained. The same goes for Will Smith, but instead of a soccer ball, he talks with his German Sheppard that was left behind by his son. He also has a few counter parts in manikins that he also converse with through the movie.

This movie starts out with a doctor that proclaims to have cured cancer by re-engineering a virus to think different. The problem is that the virus does not act as it was supposed to. The virus takes on another nature and begin to change people from law fight citizens to aggressive monsters that pray on anyone that is not like them. Something like night of the living dead. Exception these people are not dead. They are just infected with a virus that will not allow them to be calm.

Will Smith on the other hand can not get infected. He has some kind of antivirus in his blood that fights off the infection. He is also a biologist that is working to find the cure. He tries to find the answer for months without contact with anyone. At times it seems that he is losing his mind, but somehow he holds it together except when he loses his only friend, his dog to the virus.

This movie is not for the weak at heart. Although it is rated PG-13, I would not let anyone under 13 to 15 see it. It does not have nudity in it but some parts are a little scary. But this is a very well made movie. I should have expected that from anything that Will Smith makes, but I did not hear any reviews either bad or good when this movie was in the theaters so I had no base line to rate it. Definitely rent or buy this one, it is a keeper.

Source by Kenneth Elliott

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