Bollywood's Jessica Lall Gets Love and Sympathy in Real Life

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Many Bollywood movies from the Indian film industry have managed to leave an impact on its viewers. 'No One Killed Jessica', a recent release from the Indian film industry has been successful in following this trait. The film released on the first week of January and its story is inspired by the Jessica Lall murder case which has been in news headlines for years because of a number of associated controversies. However, the film is said to have some fiction, but the major part of the film has been taken from the facts revealed during the case hearings.

After hitting the screen as the first hit of the year, the film has been so successful in making its place in the hearts of the Indian population that people have created a love-hate relation not only with the characters of the movie but also with the actors who played those characters.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, the Indian actor who played the character of Manu Sharma in the film, has reported to get glares and abuses from the public as if he is the real murderer of Jessica Lall. Not only the general public and strangers but also the people from his family have stated treating him differently and suspecting him for wrong activities since the release of the film. But, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is not at all upset for all such things happening around, if fact, he considers all this as applause for his acting in the movie and is really happy about it.

On the other hand actress Myra Karn, who played the role of victim Jassica Lall is receiving public sympathy and wishes at all places she goes. She has been able to create a small little place for herself, not only in the minds of the critics but also the heart of the Indian and overseas audiences. Hoping a prosperous career ahead she is really happy and looking forward to work further in Indian film industry.

Source by Navdeep H. Singh

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