Three Most Underrated Bollywood Movies in Recent Times

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Every year, there are a couple of movies that pass unnoticed at the Box office barometer, and even the critics can not do justice to the movie at the end of the day. These underrated movies are then relegated to the Film Festivals and other such scenarios, which might, or might not be financially rewarding for the people behind the films. Here are three grossly underrated movies that released in recent times, movies that were taken over by the superhero flicks and the mindless action jaunts that were the talk of the town that week, month, and year.

# 3 Manorama Six Feet Under

This movie ranks so low in the list because it did succeed in making a buzz before the release, and that is just because it had Abhay Deol, Gul Panag, Raima Sen and Sarika in the movie. Murder mysteries are never a good idea for the Bollywood box office, and this one was not just a murder mystery, it was a political thriller that had some shades of sexual crimes too. Not just the concept, but the screenplay and direction were so brilliant that people somehow failed to understand what the movie was all about. Others may say that Dor is the movie that made Gul Panag, but we think it is her subtle performance of a common housewife that would endear her to people, more than the Dor character. This is the career defending role for Abhay Deol, and if you have not seen him in this role, you have not seen him anywhere.

# 2 Striker

Striker is one of those uncomfortable movies that launched during a sudden bandh, and the movie never heard up on Saturday. The movie stars Siddharth and Aditya Panscholi in a career defending and redefining role, and is one of the most hard hitting movies thatave people a brutal and realistic look into the world of crime in the seventies, eighties and nineties. The movie was set in Malad Malwani, two areas that have been routinely used in Bollywood movies, right from the iconic climax in Don to the place where one of the main protagonists in Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion lived, but nobody has been able to capture the squalor and culture that Malwani has.

On the whole, while the movie told the story of one young boy who tries to stay away from the mafia, crime and corruption, it actually tells the story of how a whole city changed from a simple fisherman and trader's world to something that was much , much murkier and evil that what could be found even in the most well written pulp fiction comic book of the West. Striker makes one believe that there is a Gotham in every city, state and country, just waiting to be discovered.

# 1 Bubblegum

There are movies about childhood, and then there are movies about childhood that leave you with a lump in the throat and praying to God that time travel is invented, discovered, made available to the public, or whatever. Bubblegum is one of the latter movies. It is not too much to say that Bubblegum is the most underrated movie of the decade, which is funny, because other movies that had half a good script and talked about childhood became blockbusters.

Bubblegum talks about a group of children who are growing up in Mumbai in the eighties, and gives inkling of their daily lives, their issues, their problems, and of course, their joys. The movie will certainly leave you emotional, and these are the kind of movies that make people make profiles on Social Networks so that they can find their friends.

Bubblegum succeeds in making us travel back to the time when hearing aids needed to be imported and one had to wait for six months, mainly because most of the cast is seen by the mass crowd for the first time. The characterization and storytelling in Bubblegum is so strong and slick that people can do little else than go into aa reminiscent mode.

Source by Roy Daniel Dsilva

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