All About Hindi Movies

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We all know the plot of Hindi movies. The films are typically melodrama and family-concentrated scenarios. The heroes are handsome and rich, heroines and muses are beautiful and sexy and villains are wily. This has been the craft since the introduction of Bollywood movies in 1800s.

India is actually one of the largest producers of films annually numbered up to 1000 films per year. However, because of lack of flexibility to blend in to the other international films globally-renamed, Hindi is not much of a talked-about movie industry unless you can appreciate its hub. In the 20th century, Bollywood movies are slowly taking into the international scene, deviating from its usual and typical concepts. They have already incorporated new plots and 3D technology to be competitive. It should be noted that there are also a number of Hindi movies that have retained title in Time's 100 great movies of all time from 1950's to the present.

Of all the movies that included in Time's list, 3 Idiots is the one that has garnered the highest grossing film of all time. The concept of the story is about two friends in search for their lost friend and classmate after graduation. Defying friendships and father-son relationship is the core of the story. Not to mention the humongous comedy plot instilled in the story that will send you laughing for more, no wonder making it as the highest grossing film of all time in Bollywood history. We may find Hindi movies irritating or satisfying given of its dancing and singing routines. Maybe we can not just take out their culture and lifestyle that they have been incorporating to their form of entertainment.

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