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We have lived the eighth installment of the festival of animation and digital art in Queretaro, and these are some of our impressions.

Since last Thursday and ending on Sunday November 20, we were eyewitnesses of eight years of disruptive CutOut Fest in the beautiful city of Queretaro . Powers of animated short films, lectures, conferences, competitions, screenings and art exhibitions with the particularity of not having any and all public cost has been executed in an atmosphere of conviviality, camaraderie and desire to learn from the great animation and digital arts.

We witnessed the traditional and fun Battle of GIFs in the main forum of the Museum of the City, in which young enthusiasts compete with own creations and receive challenges from other participants, they are eliminated after qualifying public. The event began with a somewhat lukewarm audience participation, but as advancing the quality of the mini-animations GIF, tempers rose, culminating in a thrilling final where the winner received a package absolute Vans and Viewmaster


Another great moment was the sample and enjoy masterclass Encyclopedia Pictura, an animation studio that instead of living in a cosmopolitan city prefer to live among trees and animals. After a peculiar and somewhat sinister short- of a mischievous fox and a mountain rough, his creative spoke to us about his life outside of civilization. Adventures, ecological awareness they have developed, and all they have learned transferred to your animations and the stories they tell. Undoubtedly, something unusual.

Very good also talks Lost Highway, taught by members Line Up, focused on artists and creative people in the middle. Mr. Kat and Jared Ficklin offered an intimate view of what defines them as creators. Kat spoke of the creation process and the complications he has had, and Ficklin spoke of his futuristic mind and technological developments for events such as South by Southwest.

On Saturday we loved the conference Marco Gavi├▒o, co-founder of MUV, Oniria and Muv Lab, who in previous exclusive interview told us about his animation projects as “Los Gatos” plus the extra mile with 12 different experiences VR in your room interaction on the ground floor of the Museum of the City. The space was open to the public and witnessed squeals of excitement of young and old. The VR is today!

This Sunday is about the great closing with a concert with the ensemble Mal’akh who live musicalizar├ín a selection of animated shorts. If you are a bridge in the center of Queretaro, not stop coming, there we are!

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