Long Range Forecast: ‘Doctor Strange,’ ‘Trolls’ & ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

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11-4-16-forecast-doctor-strange-trolls-hacksaw-ridge-860x450_cIn the first weekend election day, the candidate feature that can not be dreamed brave film, with three new wide releases beginning of November. Fox Disney / DreamWorks adopt yet another children’s toys for the big screen with trolls Another superhero Marvel Universe with Dr. Strange, and Lionsgate Ridge brings his war drama hacksaw.

Doctor Strange (Disney)


One certainly been one of the wonders of cinema’s most financially successful film franchises of all time, the latest addition to the universe who joins.
Say, I certainly less famous – a Captain America, The Incredible Hulk – The doctor of this lesser known Marvel characters than the two most recent “real story” movies for lesser known Marvel characters I look. 180.2 Ant-Man opened with $ 57.2 million last July for a total of $ million, and Guardians of the Galaxy opened in August 2014 for a total of 333.1 million $ 94.3 million $. A bona fide pop culture phenomenon to reach patrons, successful ant must within not think the access probability which had an aggregate akin to humans.
Benedict resemble 2014 Cumberbatch game’s depiction of the title character in his first starring role since her Oscar-nominated performance. (One of the supporting role in last year’s Black Mass.) Rachel McAdams also appears in the first wide release after her Oscar-nominated role in the spotlight last year. With Chiwetel Ejiofor, cast list is impressive.
With no other superhero movies released for several months before or after, Dr. Strange style is completely self during its entire theatrical run, preventing any direct competition. In the summer it is crowded market, where five superhero movies Compare came out in five months.

Outside the comic fandom doctor might affect the aforementioned lack of familiarity with the odd movie roles. (Although that was a factor ants do not hurt the less well-known characters as human Deadpool.)
trolls’s (Fox / Dreamworks)


The animated movie The Lego Movie, G.I. Including the famous toy-to-screen adaptation follows in the tradition of Joe series (Rise of Cobra and retaliation), and the Transformers franchise.
All-star voice cast Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, including James Corden. Corden before the film’s release, Wall, and do not be surprised to see a potentially Kendrick “vehicles karaoke” segment with – gained at least 10 million views on YouTube segment almost every episode.
Song Timberlake can not stop feeling. “” Sonic the top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart where it spent 15 weeks at # 1 reached (but make high box office hit film musical answer to a recent analysis determined pro Boxoffice it’s dark. )
At the end of September until the release of Stark and comes out three weeks Moana only real dynamic option for families who trolls, more than a month, which will have a concrete space.

Buzz search strings, pets secret life, and Zootopia this year has been relatively calm compared to other major motion pictures online.
Again the most successful animated some “disturbing the films’ characters are featured, although many characters have been anxious or worried trailers and TV spots that seem remarks.
hacksaw Ridge (Lionsgate)


Movie screenings at the Venice Film Festival this week received an astonishing 10-minute standing ovation. The positive reception extends to the general public, this is a film to be a must-see.
Andrew Garfield who refused to fire a gun in World War II, but saved the lives of dozens of soldiers to Desmond T. Doss in the true story of conscientious objection. The story is inspiring and Andrew Garfield box with three wide releases this decade in office gains Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and social networks.

Director Mel Gibson, Apocalypto screen the first time since 2006 after marking. again, but in the 2003 action movie Machete killer of them bombed with $ 8.0 million and the Expendables 3 was the lowest grossing film in the franchise easily. While he is in front of the camera here, may turn off many viewers their very association with the film.
Coming the day before the election, this is just one of three wide releases that themes can be considered “political”. American audiences may be getting enough on their television screens and news feeds that as it is, the film may be affected.

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