Azhar movie review: Emraan Hashmi, usually so watchable, is buried under the inept script

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azhar-review-759If you go by early announcements (yes, there are many, fill the entire screen) you have you will know that there is a ‘kaalpanik Figure (imaginary film) are about to see’ vibhinna ghatnaon ‘(it is based in episodes) of a match’ Matra a true story of the life of a disgraced captain of the Indian cricket team; Ek sanyog ‘(coincidence), and it hurt anywhere Sanstha (organization) or that it does not intend to corporate.
Why bother calling “Azhar, then? Manoj Ajay or Sachin or not, or face, or the ‘perception’ of Indian cricket player who faced charges of a `life-time ban ‘match any of the players who were fellow?
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The actual events and dates and places and use only the first name as one of dissembling strategy, referring to the times, quite mad. It’s a sneaky pin limit such exposure is one of the features of the most colorful captains of the gripping cricket stories, Indian cricketers of our time, is transformed into a slow, nostalgic story .
Because that was a controversial figure in the center, money for fksng- maches conflict itself, the game not only nationally but internationally to such a transplant that effect had “Azhar, probably made was.
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Film brave and waypoints need for an intensified need to be made, ‘Bangladesh’ and ‘qaum Seeti- from the’ About ‘talks while mouthing strange film about this hero remains vague. Alas, it has no teeth bio-pic. Oops, sorry, it’s not a bio-pic, ‘coz it, Mom Look no name names.
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Not only there is the eponymous hero of a parade, the Kapils and Sachins (but, gasp, Dev or field), double gasp, Mohammad Azharduddin but `Azhar Mohammad is only a Hyderabad boy, whose love for a blonde who takes his first wife, and the abyss with cases of accidental bookies give the lead actress.

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