24 movie review: Suriya’s ‘Athreya’ is a role to remember for years

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suriya-759Time travel is always an exciting prospect with unlimited concepts of man and Vikram Kumar has a clear task in his imagination in visualizing his fifth film ’24’.
The majority of the Hollywood films released under the Science FI type apply logic from the trash box, then easily leave logic outside the entrance to one of South Indian Science FI will.
The Pleiades, always three different roles in ‘7aum Arivu’s’, ‘Maattraan’ and ‘Masss who seems to have an affinity for the science FI movies in their involvement with the disappointing movies like’, ’24’, Athreya is reflected in the opponent’s character, a romantic one that was on the verge of being typified as a hero who reveals the unexplored dimensions of the actor.
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About the edge of a forest Sethuraman (Soraya) laboratory revealed the film’s opening sequence of the film in an old mansion in the middle of the photographer’s ability and style theme gives the impression. Includes right from the beginning when Sethuraman, a scientist, plan a dream, 24 ‘, lets break the concept of a very powerful scientific watch people, and between the past and future allows you to travel has been completed. His elder brother ‘Athreya’, arrives with a devil’s invention of claim Rage Sethuraman a killer but not the eureka moment when time Sethuraman. Being killed by his brother before, while Seth ‘Athreya’ is seriously injured himself, manages to save his son and Time Machine. The movie then turns 26 years Manny Seth baby where the (Soraya) came along with money from the clutches of a charming young man and Athreya which has become a time machine, now a repair shop Money Clock the rubbish bins. The film is by some intolerable incidents in which management agreed without wasting time machine to open the bridge was sleeping all these years. Since then, the film plays with the notion of time as mini-trials with 24 hours of scheduled time machine with a child’s enthusiasm. The film picks up speed again with the entry of ‘Athreya’.

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