Baar Baar Dekho quick movie review: Katrina Kaif, Sidharth Malhotra keep us guessing

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baar-baar-dekho-quick-review-759If given the opportunity to consider the future, would you change anything? Or to focus on love and marriage, – – the most important decision of your life differently?
That is why Katrina and its’ midriff, and starring Sidharth Malhotra Nitya Mehra’s Baar Baar Dekho of the main base. First-time director has chosen a theme which is unusual for its debut. Is essentially a romance, Baar and Baar Dekho reflected the love in our time.
Katrina plays an artist whose sole ambition is to become Mrs. G Verma. Mr. Verma, played by Sidharth, a brilliant mathematician who wants to increase his wings. Love is necessary, but not as much as his career. Or is it? Can not make the right decision when they are just about at the wedding bells ring.
Enter the like – – photo and when traveling at the moment. Sidharth Malhotra has the ability to look at some key moments of her career. A peek at tomorrow’s changing them?
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The film tells the story of a hummable track, it intersperses with dance numbers worth – between the lead pair and hot, chemistry – Dark glasses, a. However, the couple began to show chinks in the armor as they age. Some twists, are acting more like desktop hard to digest.

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