Rustom quick movie review: Akshay Kumar movie flies high after interval

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rustom-759Rustam movie Cast: Akshay Kumar, the Ileana D ‘Cruz, Esha Gupta, Arjun Bajwa
Rustam director: Tinu Suresh Desai
Akshay Kumar film Rustam both fact and fiction Commander K M Nanavati vs. State of Maharashtra and shake mixes to create cinematic version of the sensational case of 1959 changed the face of Indian judicial system. In this case, the trial court for a naval commander Maneksha Kawas Nanavati, a Parsi man, his wife and lover, Prem Ahuja said. He had fired three shots from his service revolver. He was not convicted by the jury of the court with a 8-1 decision and freed everyone knows that when he was killed.
People must be aware that it might not be the case and you want to give a clock. Then Tinu directed Suresh Desai successful and in essence a basic idea about the infamous incident with a tight tradition maintains with its fascinating story line. But it fails to provide us with what was expected from the high-octane drama.
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Rustam Pavri (Akshay Kumar) is a patriotic and honest naval commander, his wife Cynthia (from Ileana D ‘Cruz) he comes back from his trip is happily married with which to meet. But they find it is having an affair with a friend, Vikram Makhija (Arjan Bajwa) after his wife during his absence from home. After confronting his wife, Rustam, a gun naval arsenal, they are borrowed Vikram home drops dead three rounds shoots himself in the heart and confess police weapons. Sister Preeti Vikram Makhija (Asia swears to Rustam sentence Gupta) murder investigation begins. Criminals do not change the scene reported Rustam Wilson said in court.
Rustam Movie Review: Akshay Kumar’s film is slow out flat
The first half of the drama film which we usually see in Bollywood films and high ride of plot without any kind of pure storytelling follows with sharp editing. It tries to paint during the 50s-60s but has failed to do so due to bad CGI. However, the author Vipul K Rawal, used items like a former naval officer, naval ships to the authenticity of the film, old cars. The film’s high scale interval after many twists and turns during the trial.

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