Happy Bhag Jayegi movie review: A comedy that loses the plot

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happy-bhag-jayegiHappy running Jayegi movie Cast: Abhay Deol, Diana Penty, Momal Sheikh Ali Grace, Jimmy Shergill, Kanwaljeet, Piyush Mishra
Happy flight director Jayegi Movies: Mudassar Aziz
If an Indian girl wakes up one fine morning in Pakistan? If he finds, gasp, he is looking to cross the border?
Happy running Jayegi base, well, who does not like the idea of a girl in search of her prince on the run, because you promised to hold a good laugh mouth? The locations and natural sites around Lahore, should inject some freshness, right?
We started to smile. Spirited Amritsar Kudi happy (Diana Penty) heart Guddu (Ali Fazal but) beats for true love of the strict father (Kanwaljeet), the local bad boy rival Mouze Bagga (Jimmy Shergill) and Bilal Ahmed, an accidental Pakistani minister named man is strewn with (Abhay Deol).
But all too soon, dwindle film’s pleasures, and, looking for something that we will laugh, laughter itself is weak, it is left to fend for themselves, of course. It is nothing, but it is far too intermittent.
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The film does a significant amount of time in Pakistan, trying out his Urdu spend a whole bunch of colorful characters. Some things Indian (Taj Mahal, Joseph Saab) Love panel Pakistani police officer who (Piyush Mishra), Bilal’s father (Javed Sheikh) who wants him to join politics, and his beautiful betrothed (Momal Sheikh) who looks askance at this new girl is in Pakistan Bilal blessed Indian about to sink its hooks?
Well done, congratulations ran Jayegi could have been a rollicking comedy. But occasional temporary work, and despite the best hand, it never comes together. You suspend disbelief and I want to buy fully contrived plot, you have to be able to write your way past contrivances. It does not.

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