Liam Hemsworth Revisits Filming The Last Song With Miley Cyrus: “Throwing It WAY Back”

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Liam Hemsworth is throwing it back to where it all began.

Australian pop star queen Miley Cyrus graced the silver screen as well, since it’s been six years. After nearly a decade, the two are engaged to be married off screen. In celebration of traditional #ThrowbackThursday, Hemsworth introduced his real-life leading lady on Instagram with a blurry shot candid tribute to the film.

“This way, throwing back … what a shame.” #TBT “The title of the post with a pun.

rs_600x600-160908110458-600-miley-liamIn the photo, a young Cyrus Liam just swim wearing a blue T-shirt and baggy cargo pants dressed in trunks, while nearby stands. The ensemble is not a marker of past time, long the star, Brunette curly hair, take a look at a far cry from the bright blond locks he was sporting in subsequent years.
Romance Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: photos
Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, The Last SongInstagram
After the film wrapped, was kicked in his real life love story full gear and the pair engaged two years later. However, he never made famous Miley was not around after the first time down the aisle and married Liam in 2013.

After a handful of relationships with other people, and then the back, then gold engagement ring flaunting the country and confirmed by the new year on the back of their engagement was suspected.

“The ring has worked with Miley and Liam is a highlight,” said a source at E! Time news.

Their rocky romantic road, past a blur at this point, according to Liam’s friends. As for Miley, she never forgot about teenage love.

“That’s where she feels she can leave right away. I have never been more Miley and Liam always hoped that he would get back together,” a source told E! News. “Where they will not know, but he certainly does still love him.”

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