Michelle Obama Talks Selfies, Snapchat and What She Wants Most for Her Post White House Life

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rs_753x1024-160907173610-634-michelle-obama-instyle-magazine-cover-090716October is a big month for Obama.

The October issue of InStyle Sean and Michelle Obama and Barack Obama on the cover of Essence magazine next month.

About everything from the first lady opened with social media for fashion publications, he is expected to live outside the White House in just a few short months.

Snapchat, asked about the new social media platform they joined they. I’m lucky enough to have a team of young people, because they get it. Admitted to jokes on social media, “I’m still learning.”

FLOTUS also shared that he does not play the latest trends, many object to social media or otherwise.

“I think the reason is a mother of a 18-year-old Self works for the Queen, do not worry about trends, a 52-year-old US youth is trying to be a good role model for the that is not for everyone. ”
rs_780x1024-160907173538-634-president-obama-essence-magazine-cover-090716Best pop culture moments of Barack Obama
President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, EssenceEssence
Obama also shared her dream when she and her family move to eight years after US President Barack Obama as the end of January for the White House.

“Okay, be honest the only answer I had no idea what it would be like living in the White House for his life, no idea. My hopes, behind not reveal everydayness, the name to remove it. we know it will take some time. but that’s always open, my dream of walking out the front door and without any notification without any security in fun, “she told InStyle.

“But at the same time, that we miss my team of people working here, the staff that takes care of our families, there are many aspects of living in the will of the White House to work on these issues. I mean, people have everyday. he is our care for eight years. will see the early years of their children were in the house. but we’re young. Barack and I still do a great job . ”

Meanwhile, Barack most remarkable thing about being open to feel they have since assuming the post. “For me, I like my brother’s keeper … I am sure that we will be after we’ve been there.”

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