Calvin Harris Gets Real About the Aftermath of His Split From Taylor Swift

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rs_634x830-160907073445-634-calvin-harris-gq-uk-9716Calvin Harris is often signaled the breaking of them by Taylor Swift, but he finally that is addressed in a new interview with GQ.

Winning the Year issue of GQ Patron Tequila male solo artist of the year, revealed that has made more headlines than ever to their original relationships which make some difficult international DJ distribution.

“Some of it is very difficult to consider the personal drama when out very publicly,” he told the publication (through Sunday). “After having the heaviest relationship was also encouraged by the self.”

In fact, despite what may have been reported, Harris couple never wanted extra attention.

“When we were together, we were very careful not to be a media circus,” he said. “They respected my feelings in that sense.”
Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris’s holiday album
In fact, Harris never about being one of the unfortunate problems, especially those alleged to be using social media to talk to them after calling out for information leak “This is for you has come.”

“It was completely wrong instinct. I was looking at security as being despised my talents in the world,” Harris told GQ. “We felt it was the thing to me is, when I snapped. When a celebrity was not that good, but when it is finished, broke all hell loose. I’ve seen me, as a result of downward pressure on twitter thing. it does not matter in this. I feel I am a positive man in a minute. ”

, Thanks to his manager, Mark Gillespie for her help with daily rumors accept the GQ awards in London on Tuesday night, Harris also indicated their distribution.

“I think 32 that I’m nearing the end. Just kidding,” start, his speech was presented by Ellie Goulding, for which he. “Ten years ago I did this week, where tasks such as Marks & Spencer Simply Food in South Clapham had left when told on sandwiches and old women wander where we moved forward.”

. He added, “We started out at the same time, Gillespie award dedicated we, together discovered a lot of new exciting experiences with endless amount of attack or bull together whether it be dealing – t that you wrote about in 2016. if. ”

Meanwhile, it seems to have changed T.Swift and Harris romantic spots in the world. Rumors that the DJ, has found love with the singer and boyfriend Tom Hiddleston Eiza Gonzalez reportedly called it quits while he’s been swirling.

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