Saif Has Fantastic Comic Timing Akshat Verma

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Akshat Verma said the Delhi Belly director-actor-producer Saif Ali Khan is a fantastic comic timing. Select Verma Royal Stag Big Films released by the barrel of his new short film screening Boy, were present.

“I wrote the film (a black comedy with Saif in mind) and it was like two years ago. He finally said yes. He is a fantastic comic timing and work loved the way, “Verma said.

“This drama, comedy and action will be. Saif will also participate, and the 2014 comedy drama ‘chef’ will play an important role in Indian remake,” he said.

The actress Aditi Rao Haidari also attended the screening.

His upcoming films, Aditi, the mother talking about looking at the boy, “I’m shooting for Mani Ratnam’s time. It’s like a dream come true for any actor.”

He is also the director of shared Aur Devdas with Sudhir Mishra is complete.

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