Patrick Dempsey: Why I Called Off My Divorce to Jillian Dempsey

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Patrick Dempsey marriage is sacred.

So, when his wife Jillian Dempsey filed for divorce in January 2015 after 15 years of marriage, his world turned upside down. Therefore, the ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy career and in April, the most important thing to focus on his film, left his family ties with each other. They Colin Firth and left as a reflection of bridget jones 16 September) Renee Zellweger (rate theater in London, actor Will he hoped that he and Jillian reconnect never accept. “To let go of our marriage was not something I was prepared,” he’s September 19 issue, on newsstands says. “We have not felt like I had done all the work. And where it is. We both wanted to start.”

Their marriage might end up knowing it was a “terrible” feeling, he admits. “It’s always potentially destabilizing when you are a family break or a big part of this is going to end your life.”

Patrick and Jillian, both 50, daughter Tallula Dempsey, 14, and twin sons Darby Dempsey, 9, and divorced parents to Sullivan Dempsey, 9 filing, which Patrick says to them “very important” it was a new start after the couple started a consultation. ”

rs_634x845-160907080055-634-patrick-dempsey-people-9716“We get it from there and decided it was time to work on our individual problems and our problems as a couple,” he says. “I was not ready to give up on him and he was not either. We had both been committed. We both wanted to fight.”
Patrick Dempsey bridget jones Premier takes care of his family
Patrick Dempsey, PeopleJeff Lipsky
Decided through therapy, Patrick, realized that “Everyone has their own way. Jill and I had time to work on our problems and improve.” Today, compared to their marriage “healthier” It was never, “because we’re a lot more conscious of their individual needs,” he explains. “We want our children to have differences if you want to be a role model you can work them out.”

The actor also realized he needed to make some sacrifices. “I struggle with the sacrifice of the question. But I was disappointed by the lack of quality experience in my life. I have to get this deep level, and do not want only the surface of the skirt. while you can only do one thing at a time and well, “he says, he had to be a bit slow to get focused noting” and to find out what I want. ”

Car Racing: In addition to leaving Grey’s Anatomy, he began to pull back from one of his favorite pastimes. “I prefer to [learn], say,” said Patrick. “Our union must be a priority.” During the short break, “I spent a lot of time,” he admits. “I had been identified for many years has come out of a show, and it was burnt and move. It was a time of serious analysis.”

So, how the couple has strengthened their marriage now? “You’ve got to keep at it,” he tells people. “You have to be discussed sex, and found open living and slow. And you. And!”

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