LIVE! Is Back…But Is Kelly Ripa Any Closer to Finding a Permanent Co-Host?

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As fans eagerly awaiting the debut of the new co-host Kelly Ripa, the show managed to win hearts with a well-timed run downs.

After finishing with a summer a summer’s guest co-host and reruns, sounded like live! The old frontwoman in a “big announcement” after the name of its new broadcast partner was going to take place during the first week of the new season of the show was about.

LIVE! On Instagram account, opened a surprise promise of a video that will blow our minds. Immediately, it seemed LIVE! Such a re-trial was about to receive the prestigious seat for the co-hosts a Ripa. However, just as we feared, it was too good to be true.
Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan and best live moments

rs_1024x570-160601094930-1024-kelly-ripa-anderson-cooper-2-060116Instead, the hosting by the end of class Wednesday, Ripa show revealed that it will be able to try their hand is going to open its doors to one lucky fan. “Now is your chance to prove it,” Ripa said in response to claims that it is easy to work. Daytime talk show is expected to until 20 September to apply online for a place.

This is certainly a fun occasion and it will be tuned in to see us, did not want the grand unveiling of hearts across the country. Instead, many Anderson Cooper, Jerry O’Connell and had been Ben Savage press were hoping for an end to the guessing game as the frontrunners. A representative for the show co-host will not make any comment on the claims, the rumor mill churn, milk, is particularly in the summer and fall that we continue.
Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa, Live! With KellyWABC
“We need to start looking because we have the summer break, we have vacation time. We need to find people,” Ripa told PEOPLE in May. “We’re going to have at least narrowed down the list to a manageable size by the fall, we need to start now.”

However, according to one source, there may still be less than the permanent seat quickly. As source descriptions, ratings this summer so that he was not often dip for now, it is

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