Adrian Mitchell Biography

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adrian-mitchell-1Adrian Mitchell Biography

Quick Facts

24 October 1932 AD
Scorpio    Scorpio Men

Hampstead Heath
20 December 2008 AD
Jock Mitchell
Kathleen Fabian
Celia Hewitt, Maureen Bush
Alistair Mitchell, Sasha Mitchell, Danny Mitchell, Beattie Mitchell, Briony Mitchell
Christ Church
Monkton Combe School
Eric Gregory Award – 1961
The PEN Translation Prize – 1966
The Tokyo Festival Television Film Award – 1971
The CLPE Poetry Award – 2005

Adrian Mitchell is one of the best English poet and playwright the world has ever seen. For decades the English poetry nuclear disarmament dominated the campaign. Mitchell, a law was like when he was engaged in his service with the Royal Air Force, he was feeling it. His poems had a universal appeal, and until the date relevant to Whom May Concern One of the poems, the poet himself has been revised several times in recent events. He was against the idea that since the war, peace, and love, and try their best to promote this idea through his writings. He was more prolific than as a playwright, poet, and his first play staged was just nine years old. It does indeed point to their creativity as his knowledge of a playwright, and stage settings. He was able to relate to children and even still wrote some famous plays and poems, which continues to entertain the young population was a writer. His works have been acclaimed and appreciated worldwide. Many leading companies have recognized him for his contribution and dedication to the literary domain

Childhood & Early Life:
  • Adrian Mitchell was born to Jock Mitchell and Kathleen Fabian on 24th October 1932, at a place located near Hampstead Heath. His father was a research chemist, while his mother was a school teacher.

  • He attended the ‘Monkton Combe School’, located in the English city of Bath, and later joined the ‘Greenways School’. While studying in ‘Greenways School’, his first play ‘The Animals’ Brain Trust’ was performed. Mitchell was only nine years old back then.

  • Adrian, then, entered the ‘Dauntsey’s School’ located in Wiltshire, and there, he and his friend Gordon Snell composed and performed a number of plays.

  • In 1951, he was recruited to the ‘Royal Air Force’, though he did not intend to enter ‘RAF’. His tenure with the defence force lasted for a year.

  • Later, he pursued his studies in English at the ‘Christ Church’ college, an institution affiliated to the ‘Oxford University’. He was appointed as an editor of the university’s ‘Isis Magazine’ while studying there. He also chaired the poetry society of the university.
  • After Adrian completed his graduation from the ‘Oxford University’, he was recruited by the newspaper ‘Oxford Mail’ for the post of a reporter. He worked with the daily for a period of two years, from 1955 to 1957. He then joined the English daily ‘Evening Standard’ in London, and worked with it for about three years.

  • Soon after, he penned his first novel and also first play for television, and gradually, started to work as a freelance journalist, by writing for newspapers and tabloids such as ‘Daily Mail’, ‘Sun’ and ‘Sunday Times’. However, he resigned from his journalism career during the 1960s, and concentrated on his literary works by composing poems, stories and plays.

  • One of his prominent works of this time was, the novel titled ‘If You See Me Coming’, which he penned in 1962.

  • During the period 1963-67, he was an instructor at the ‘Writers Workshop’ in the ‘University of Iowa’. This was followed by his engagement at the ‘University of Lancaster’ as a ‘Granada Fellow in the Arts’.

  • The 1970’s also saw the release of three more novels of the writer, namely ‘Wartime’, ‘Bodyguard’ and ‘Man Friday’.

  • This poet has composed a large number of poems which include works targeted at children. He had been prolific as a playwright, and the number of plays he has scripted exceeds his collection of poems and novels.

  • Mitchell was a fellow of the ‘Centre for the Humanities’ division of the ‘Wesleyan University’, in the year 1972.

  • He worked as a resident writer at the ‘Sherman Theatre’, Cardiff for a period of one year during 1974-75. He was later associated with the ‘Billericay Comprehensive School’, as a visiting writer.

  • He became a ‘Judith E. Wilson Fellow’ at the ‘Cambridge University’ in the year 1980, and continued being a part of the university for one year.

  • The playwright was appointed as the resident writer at the ‘Unicorn Theatre for Children’ in 1982, and resumed the role for a year.

  • In the year 1995, he was the ‘Fellow in Drama’ at ‘Nanyang University’, Singapore. The same year, he was also the ‘Dylan Thomas Fellow’ for the ‘UK Year of Literature’, Swansea. Adrian even earned a fellowship for a course in Drama at the ‘Nanyang University’ at the same time.

  • He modified novelist C.S. Lewis’ story and composed the play ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. This work was staged in 1998.

  • In 1999, his works ‘Dancing in the Street: A Poetic Party’ and ‘Draft as a Doughnut’ were published, the former being poetry for children and the latter, a children’s play.

  • His collection of poems entitled ‘All Shock Up: Poems 1997-2000’ came into print in the year 2000. Four years later, another collection of poems of Adrian ‘The Shadow knows: Poems 2001-2004’, were available for the readers.

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