Aaron Carter Biography

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Aaron Carter Biography

Quick Facts

Actors, Dancers, Singers
Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Dancer
American    Famous American Men
07 December 1987 AD
7th December    Famous 7th December Birthdays
28 Years
Sagittarius    Sagittarius Men

Robert Eugene Carter
Jane Elizabeth
Nick, Angel (a model), B.J., Leslie
$2 million

A teen heartthrob with Aaron Charles Carter rose to fame as a pop and hip hop singer in the first decade of the 21st century. Right from their birth, they show signs of making it big in the world of showbiz. Carter began his career at the tender age of seven and since then, there was no looking back for the charismatic singer and actor. Carter on stage and made a name for himself both his studio albums. Today, Carter has released several albums, being a self-titled album in 1998 in his debut. Following the lines that I know more about this pop sensation.

Childhood & Early Life

  • Is Jane Elizabeth and Robert Gene Carter, Aaron Carter, Charles Born as he was called, Backstreet Boys Nick Carter, the younger brother of fame. The twin sister Angel (a model), B.J. And three sisters, including Leslie.
  • Tampa, Florida raised, Young Carter, Frank D. Miles Elementary School, after which he was admitted to participate in the Ruskin School in Florida.
  •  He entered the world of music at an early age, in his debut as a singer, seven street for the local bands.
  • Aaron Carter and Backstreet open in Berlin in March 1997 Boys, Jets’ “Crush sing a cover of” Mark his first solo.
    Impressed by his performance, he had a record contract, following which he signed his first album, “Aaron Carter” continues.
  • This Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada, and received gold status in Germany. The following year, he released the album in the United States.
  • After the success of their debut album, Let Go, Carter released her second album “Aaron’s Party (United States)” in 2000. The album has sold over 1.5 million copies in the US and December, a platinum record for that business year.
  • Songs, “I Want Candy”, “Bring Aaron’s Party (get this)”, “That’s How I Beat Shaq” and “bounce” of AirPlay received on Disney and Nickelodeon.
  • During this time, Aaron Carter made several guest appearances on Nickelodeon and opened concerts for Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys.
  • After making a mark in the music world, Carter acting teasing her sleeves to try your luck. Their Disney Channel series Lizzie “in the March 2001 McGuire was as a guest appearance in an episode of”.
  • At the same time, they, Samantha title along with Mumba “Samantha Mumba and Aaron Carter concert” Disney Channel studios are performed at a concert in MGM.
  • The next month, Carter made by Broadway debut, JoJo’s Lynn Ahrens Which character in “Seussical Musical” and Stephen Flaherty ,.
    Carter has recorded and released their third album in 2001, entitled, under “Oh Aaron”. The album also made platinum record sales and zoomed position.
  • Repeating heritage, performing a live concert performance for his second album with Aaron. It Aaron sang his first duet with Nick and his brother formed the band, it was no secret that over the years.
    2002 Carter’s next album, “another earthquake witnessed the release of”. It met with the same fate as the first three and paved way which was released their fifth album, “Saturday Night” 2005.
    Recently, Carter concerts and has performed in a number of acoustic shows.
    He has also participated in reality shows, including “House of Carters” and “Celebrity Cook Off Rachael vs. Guy”.
    Carter was off-Broadway productions of the world’s longest running musical, Fantasticks.
    He was seen perfoming at the Gramercy Theatre in a concert in an acoustic show at the exhibition in New York City, Foxborough, Massachusetts, Uncasville, Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut and Mixtape Festival. In addition, Carter Ryan Cabrera to host the show in 2012.

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