A Flying Jatt Review

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A Flying Jatt Review


What good is a funny superhero drama that is enough of a flying jet light moments? The child seems to be the selling point of the friendly nature!

What’s worse: a dragged the second half, the Hollywood superheroes and through this film, preaching to Remo D’Souza’s ambition to copy the elements to make up for a huge letdown.

Loo Break: Yes! Especially when a society breaks into a jig like to have Banda sudden!

See or not? This is a matter MASSY but strictly for kids. For adults, it may be too stupid to learn about pollution plays a superhero!

User Rating:

Pollution is bad for our environment! It’s a flying jet base.

Mr. Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon in) a big time industrialists who have been dumping their industrial waste into a local lake. He is a prolific entrepreneur and is, therefore, an important piece of the tree (the incarnation of this character) Amrita Singh and his sons Aman (Tiger Shroff) and is owned by Rohit (Gaurav Pandey) stands with a society is followed.

Malhotra’s men after their land stand tall in order to save the mother, she Raka’s (Nathan Jones) order and assigned to kill his family.

Thus, the result of a fight in the rain, lightning and planned support from the trees and balm with thunder! Our superhero.

The law makes it a toxic superhero overnight after toxic waste is lying in 10 days we should Raka? Well, of course as a baddie.

Flying hazards become a popular Messiah, is dooming Malhotra business and therefore come to the rescue of Raka with their newly acquired powers.

Raka silly superhero avatar flight safety hazards of defeat? Watch to find out!








A Flying Jatt Movie Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez and Nathan Jones

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