In India Sultan Day-Wise Box Office Collections

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Sultan’s Day-Wise Box Office Collections  


Salman Khan Sultan Movie THE BOXOFFICE MOJO


Sultan film collected 25 days checking motion picture event. All the Sultanate film deposited on the overall film industry effectively across much more make it as highest grosser of Bollywood. Salman was deep in character and their contribution is very real. For the propagation of such a story line in a very good view of the interest and efforts of the head of the screenplay. The absolute best for his future endeavors. Sultan finished 25th in movie theaters. He witnessed the accumulations built up.

Sultan industry gathering up all out today

Sultan industry gathering

Sultan industry gathering

Sultan looking for a rebound by crushing all possibilities faced by him, a weak script around a wrestler visit. May they take it to lose in this fight for his life and some do not even ha, like. Sultan should be fighting for his life truly. An amazing experience that he loses his start and to his family and then by his Regardless lost back where Back battles create your worship again in status in the profession each two sides of the shoes of a warrior.

Great movie to see! I have my family and the kids really love to see Salman Khan’s best film. Watch the movie with a good time and it’s really a great one this time. Salman Khan’s best film I’ve seen so far. Salman Khan’s acting and nailed with Anushka Sharma. Worth a watch. I feel like next to show quickly. Sultan day weekly collections are here:

Week 1

Day Collections (Cr)
Day 1 (Wednesday) 36.54
Day 2 (Thursday) 37.32
Day 3 (Friday) 31.67
Day 4 (Saturday) 36.62
Day 5 (Sunday) 38.21
Day 6 (Monday) 15.54
Day 7 (Tuesday) 12.92
Day 8 (Wednesday) 10.82
Day 9 (Thursday) 09.52
Total 229.16

Week 2

Day Collections (Cr)
Day 10 (Friday) 07.43
Day 11 (Saturday) 11.46
Day 12 (Sunday) 15.18
Day 13 (Monday) 04.08
Day 14 (Tuesday) 03.72
Day 15 (Wednesday) 03.42
Day 16 (Thursday) 03.51
Total 277.96

Week 3

Day Collections (Cr)
Day 17 (Friday) 2.14
Day 18 (Saturday) 3.81
Day 19 (Sunday) 5.14
Day 20 (Monday) 1.30
Day 21 (Tuesday) 1.25
Day 22 (Wednesday) 1.15
Day 23 (Thursday) 1.05
Total 293.80

Week 4

Day Collections (Cr)
Day 24 (Friday) 00.57
Day 25 (Saturday) 00.98
Day 26 (Sunday) 01.51
Day 27 (Monday) 00.34
Day 28 (Tuesday) 00.36
Day 29 (Wednesday) 00.34
Total 297.90


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